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Posted by on 13th Jan 2015

Happy New Year, just wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015! Here is one of our latest acquisitions that we are excited to share with you, The Art of Ife Kingdom. 

Please check out the back story below, and I look forward to seeing you this year. 

- Joe aka Kwaku

The Art Of Ife Kingdom

In the years before the renaissance of Europe, there arouse one of the world's great art traditions among the Yoruba and Edo peoples of what is now Nigeria.

Around the 9th or 10th  century (with possible influence from the earlier Nok culture) artists in the city and state of Ife, the Yoruba's religious center, produced masterpieces in bronze, wood, ivory and terra- cotta. With artists at Benin and Oyo, to whom they taught their skills, they achieved for several centuries a naturalism and monumentality comparable to the qualities found in classical sculpture. 

Details of two sensitively designed bronze, made by the lost- wax process, reflect the sophisticated cultures of the ancient Yoruba societies. Symbolizing royal authority and power, this pair of leopards, designed as water vessel, was used in the washing of the oba's (king's) hands before important ceremonies. They are among the finest examples of Benin artists' technical mastery.